A collage of photos: a woman with her dog outside, a woman and a man outside, and a dandelion with grass.

Meet Jessie, the visionary force steering Treetop Digital Creative's commitment to transformative business development, brand strategy, and marketing services. With over two decades of marketing and hospitality experience, Jessie has not only mastered the art of building brands and opening businesses but excels in formulating strategic goals and plans, all while possessing a keen sense for understanding what consumers want.

Jessie's creative prowess lies in tailoring voice and tone to perfectly resonate with each brand. Her seasoned writing skills, showcased in various print and online publications, delve into lifestyle, food and beverage, and travel topics. She possesses the unique ability to formulate brand stories that resonate deeply with consumers, fostering genuine connections and building relationships that strengthen brands and create a loyal customer base.

Beyond her marketing acumen, Jessie and her husband are avid adventurers, capturing the world's beauty through their lens. Their love for off-the-beaten-path exploration and connecting with locals reflects Jessie's commitment to genuine customer engagement. Her passion for health, mental wellness, fitness, and culinary adventures complements her flair for crafting compelling promotions.

As a devoted dog lover, Jessie's Australian Shepherd holds a special place in her heart, inspiring her to collaborate with brands that support canine health and well-being.

With an impressive portfolio spanning diverse industries, Jessie specializes in crafting marketing plans, managing brands' online presence, and formulating goals for business growth. Her expertise encompasses business development, brand strategy, Google and Facebook ads, creative design, copywriting, website updates, social media content creation, and more. Drawing from over two decades of experience in the wine industry and an extensive brewery travel list with nearly 700 visits worldwide, Jessie possesses unparalleled insights to create strategic brand and marketing solutions that set your brand apart.

Together with the dedicated team at Treetop Digital Creative, Jessie is eager to partner with you in building or revamping your brand through dynamic business development, brand strategy, and marketing solutions. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to guide you toward success, leveraging Jessie's expertise, personal passions, and unique experiences to craft strategic brand and marketing solutions that will distinguish your brand from the rest.